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Trading plan for this week: caution mode, lower position size, but keep an eye on:
$LCID - EV play, very good price action
$GDYN - nice consolidation while waiting the EMA21 to catch up
$CAR - possible ignition, but it fears of the new version of Covid?!
$U - good support at EMA21, a reversal is possible
$SI - Crypto stock, volatility is expected
$SITE - constructive consolidation
$EXFY - nice formation, but riskier since it is an IPO
$ITIC - constructive consolidation
$PUBM - good R/R
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Here is my trading plan for this week:

$AMBA - I like the support at EMA21

$ASAN - the stock tried a few times to break the resistance

$CAR - low volume during consolation at EMA10

$ATEN - risky, but with good reward

$SI - wide range bar from EMA21

$ALGM - VCP, higher lows

$ATH - consolidation above the EMA21

$PLBY - it may jump higher, stop loss 5-6%

$PUBM - very good consolidation after the gap-up
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