Weekly market review (week/YTD)
$SPY -3.01%/-17.97%
$QQQ -4.39%/-27.44%
$VTV -2.15%/-6.82%
$VUG -3.85%/-28.75%
$ARKK -2.73%/-55.16%
Portfolio -1.52%/-18.39%
Indices with 7 consecutive down weeks in a row.

$SPY and $QQQ had a strong close on Friday, but the trend is still decisively down. The bear market is expanding to other sectors than tech. This week consumer discretionary got hit the most, especially retail with bad numbers coming from $WMT and $TGT

Although the Fear & Greed Index is quite low at 11, the mood on Fintwit isn’t that catastrophic. It’s still a happy bunch overall. Or maybe that’s just my bubble and all the negative people left bc they blew up buying speculative tech stocks and/or imaginary internet money/JPEGs.

My public portfolio is obviously down, but in line with $SPY. I primarily own quality companies and this makes me sleep well at night. As a value investor, I’m actually quite relieved that the bubble in speculative stocks popped this year and valuations matter again.

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Weekly market review (week/YTD)
$SPY -2.34%/-15.42%
$QQQ -2.36%/-24.11%
$VTV -1.69%/-4.77%
$VUG -3.09%/-25.89%
$ARKK -4.45%/-53.91%
Portfolio -1.01%/-17.13%

The choppiness continues, markets down six weeks in a row. On the plus side, Friday closed strong.

The CNN Fear & Greed Index hit a new low for the year on Thursday. Historically this has been a decent indicator for a bounce or even a temporary bottom. We will see.

My portfolio did Ok this week. Added a bit to my $GOOG position and still looking to nibble on quality companies when they hit my buy points.

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Weekly market review (week/YTD)
$SPY -0.16%/-13.39%
$QQQ -1.28%/-22.27%
$VTV +1.28%/-3.13%
$VUG -2.06%/-23.53%
$ARKK -3.18%/-51.76%
Portfolio -1.28%/-16.28%

A volatile week ends roughly where it started leaving everybody confused.

Once again, investors who are invested in boring big cap value companies look very smart right now. Kudos to them! We will see how it turns out. Over the long-term, a value ETF like $VTV is underperforming the S&P 500 and especially the Nasdaq 100.

Indices are down five weeks in a row, it’s not unreasonable to assume that we bounce next week. On the other hand, nobody can predict the market. As an investor looking for quality companies, I would actually be more than fine with getting a few more buying opportunities.

My portfolio got hit like everybody else. However, I took advantage of lower prices and increased my positions in $SPGI, $KEYS and $NOW. Still patiently waiting for even lower prices on a few quality companies from my selection.

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Weekly market review (week/YTD)
$SPY -3.30%/-13.26%
$QQQ -3.73%/-21.26%
$VTV -3.17%/-4.36%
$VUG -3.46%/-21.92%
$ARKK -10.16%/-50.17%
Portfolio -1.42%/-15.20%

The market closes below early March lows on some bad earnings and concerning economic data.

2022 had the worst start to a year on record for the Nasdaq. April was the worst month for $QQQ since 2008. Four down weeks in a row.
So, don’t feel bad if your portfolio isn’t doing well, it’s been a tough environment to invest in.

Lots of earnings reports this week, a lot to go through & analyze. Usually, when holding quality companies, I expect no big moves on earnings reports because of their predictability. In uncertain economic times however, this can happen, it happened and must be investigated.

When analyzing earnings, it's critical to go straight to the source. Don’t listen to mainstream media coverage. The media’s job is to get attention with dramatic headlines, not to provide you with in-depth analysis. Instead, read the report and listen to the call.

My portfolio did alright this week. Earnings impact has been balanced. Strongly negative reactions to $ALGN, $BA and $AMZN. More positive reactions to $FB, $PINS, $V and $MA. I have 17% in cash, if the market goes down next week, I will probably buy some more quality companies.

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Weekly market review (week/YTD)
$SPY -2.68%/-10.30%
$QQQ -3.85%/-18.21%
$VTV -1.86%/-1.23%
$VUG -3.94%/-19.11%
$ARKK -11.07%/-44.54%
Portfolio -3.66%/-13.98%
Markets are going down again, potentially testing recent early March lows.

Nobody can predict the market, but the trend certainly points in a downward direction. A market correction is not fun and it makes you question your investing strategy.

If you are a quality investor like me, a market correction is the time to take advantage of Mr. Markets irrational behaviour. I'm sleeping well because I know that I bought great companies at a discount to their intrinsic value.

All there is to do is to wait patiently until the correction is over. Earnings season is in full swing, so instead of reading the news, I recommend to check out the earnings reports of great companies and do some research.

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Weekly market review (week/YTD)
$SPY -2.19%/-7.83%
$QQQ -3.07%/-14.94%
$VTV -1.02%/+0.64%
$VUG -3.12%/-15.79%
$ARKK -2.74%/-37.64%
Portfolio -2.57%/-10.71%

The market is down this week and struggling with recent technical resistance.

$VTV is having its time in the sun this year, caused by insecurity in the markets. Near ATH, but still has a nice 2.14% forward dividend yield. However, historically value underperforms $SPY over the long-term, so this is a deviation. Would not recommend buying right now.

My portfolio is performing in-line with the market. Unfortunately, I have a few companies that drag down performance and that I wouldn’t buy anymore given stricter investing criteria. These are $PINS, $YUMC, $BABA and partly $BA. Only quality investing from this point on.

Quite a few companies on my selection of high quality companies are below my intrinsic value and at or below my buy points. No buys recently because I already have allocations. However, if the market continues going down, there might be a chance to get cheap shares again.

Check out my eToro portfolio to follow all my investments:
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