Topicus Analysis
I’ve written a two part analysis on Topicus that some of you may find insightful.

Part 1 Covers:

Company Intro

Destination Analysis


Capital Allocation

Part 2 Covers:

  • Growth Opportunities

  • Management

  • Industry

  • Competitive Position

  • Competitive Advantage

Let me know what you think!

Top ten holdings
Reflecting on the latest quarter and the year for my portfolio. Will list the top ten holdings (hint: they haven’t changed). 😉

Also some areas I want to focus on going forward and a few names on the watchlist. 🎯

Out in the morning to free subs.

sold some $BRK.B and bought some more $VHI.TO and $TOI.V

berkshire will do fine over long term and i still have some.

vitalhub is executing and has plenty of room to grow

topicus is starting to look rather attractively priced compared with its long term prospects

Longest holders

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