2021 was a great year for me, Thanks for supporting me!
Looking back at 2021, here is a list of some of the best ideas I have written about $BLND $HIMS $SEMR $SMWB $EJFA $ZIP $PCOR $OLLI $JAMF $FROG $SQSP $OLO

Let's Look at these, one by one:

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IPOs and SPACS May 2021
May 10 $SMWB | Similarweb

$MAAC — Roviant Sciences, a “biopharmaceutical and healthcare technology company”
$AMHC — Jasper Therapeutics, a “biotech company focused on hematopoietic stem cell transplant therapies”[
$STWO — ESS, Inc., a “long-duration energy storage solutions company”
$LSAQ — Science 37, “developer of the decentralized clinical trial operating system”
$LOKB — Navitas Semiconductor, the “industry leader in GaN Power ICs”[
$STPC — @bensonhillinc, a “sustainable food technology company driving the plant-based food revolution”
$HCIC — Plus, a “global provider of self-driving truck technology”
$LIVK — @agilethought, a “leading provider of digital transformation and consulting services”
$AUS — Wynn Interactive, the online gaming division of Wynn Resorts.
$AURC— @betterdotcom, a “digital homeownership platform”
$CENH— @arqitltd, a leader in quantum encryption tech
$SWBK — @birdride, a leader in electric micromobility
$SRNG — @ginkgo, to expand its leading platform for cell programming
$SCVX — Bright Machines, a leader in intelligent, software-defined manufacturing”
$SGAM — @redbox, America’s destination for affordable new-release movies and entertainment”
$XPOA — @jamcityhq, a leading mobile entertainment company
$PTK — @valensauto, a market leader in high-speed connectivity
$FORE — P3 Health Partners, a patient-centered and physician-led population health mgmt company
$DCRN — @tritiumcharging, a pioneer in e-mobility and EV charging infrastructure[
$PACX@acorns, the largest subscription service in consumer finance
$LWAC — eFFECTOR, a next-generation oncology company developing a new class of cancer therapies
$VOSO — @wejohq, a global leader in connected vehicle data.
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