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So in my initial post I mentioned that my current process is dca on payday (well, I at least deposit on payday lol). It had been a busy week, so I didn't get to buy much until today, which turned out to be a good thing with how crappy the week has been in the market!

I suppose an argument can be made for making larger bets in fewer companies, but considering that I'm holding bags in a lot of my positions, I like to spread the wealth lol.

I have not seen any posts here on $SAIA, so I'm looking forward to sharing my thesis there, and I'm excited to add them to my buy list! They have similar historic returns as $ODFL, without the dividend or the size, but I like what I've read so far and will try to share in a separate post.

Comment below if you have questions or opinions (especially bearish ones) on any of these, I love hearing the other side of the argument and who knows, you may be right and may save me some money 🤣

I like $DOCN because they're giving startups affordable cloud computing services. Hearing many startups complain about the high AWS bills adds more conviction to DigitalOcean.
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