"The Market" Stock Pitching Game Recap
Thanks to everyone who came to 'The Market' game today!

It was an honor to have so much talent all in once place and to hear such great pitches.

@tyler.okland emerged the victor with his pitch of Opendoor $OPEN

@foolward was runner up with his pitch of Matterport $MTTR

@joefoolery pitched Microsoft $MSFT
@investor_from_nepal pitched Unity $U
@couch_investor pitched Pinterest $PINS
@taylorsulik pitched Redwire $RDW

I'll be uploading the pitches over the next couple of days! Can't wait to share the replays with you all!

Be sure to sign up for the next game on Friday, January 14th at 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST: Sign up HERE
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The $500M Dollar Company You’ve Never Heard Of…

Redwire ($RDW) a space infrastructure and manufacturing company received a lot of attention over the weekend due to rumors of a possible deal with $AMZN for space related services.

Regardless of the deal with Amazon, $RDW expects to generate $153M in revenue this year with a current market cap of $545M. Described as a “conglomerate,” Redwire offers services to organizations such as: NASA, HyperSat, and Sierra Space.

Much More to follow!
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