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EV Battery Stocks
I’ve done some due diligence on $QS and $SLDP before, and now with growth stock multiples compressed across the board I’m tempted to take another look.
Does anyone have a favorite between these two, or is there a different company I should have on my radar?
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$QS summary from @cnbc

I bought early in 2921 only to sell out at $20 earlier this year. Still following, but I think they’re going through their $TSLA 2019(manufacturing is hell) moment…despite having enough cash right now.

Is this (like many others) the real battery tech disruptor or just a team great at selling hopes & dreams?
There is uncertainty if it will end up being the disruptor but if it succeeds the upside could be unlimited. However, losing your manufacturing chief over a ‘management clash’ as per Bloomberg, is probably a cause for concern (she was with the company for only 14 months).
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Rivian & it’s solid-state battery endeavor
Last year, Electrek posted an article about $RIVN looking to develop their own solid-state battery.

If Rivian is successful in that, they can pose a competitive threat to $QS, which is a pure play solid-state battery player.

$TSLA is an EV maker that also produces batteries for itself and for other automakers. It would be no surprise to see Rivian become the next Tesla in that aspect.

I'd be careful about calling Rivian "the next Tesla"
Let's do a comparison:

Tesla Q2 2011 vs Rivian Q4 2021
(soon after IPO)

Auto Rev:
$39M vs $54M

Auto Gross Margin:
22% vs -709%

$77M vs $2,071M

Net Loss:
$59M vs $2,461M

These two companies are NOT the same. Even IF Rivian is able to manufacture solid state batteries, that does not mean they'll be able to do so profitably (just look at those -709% GM's). Rivian is wildly overvalued and still has much to prove.
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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Feb 14th - 18th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Three of my holdings report next week.

  • $ABNB - The stock has held up pretty well during the market sell-off. The valuation is still high, but with re-openings the company could see a big boost this year.
  • $TTD - They've said Apple IDFA is a non-issue, so their growth should be great. A key indicator of ad spend.
  • $ROKU - The stock is down almost 64% from ATH, but the fundamentals keep improving. I expect great results from the company, with ARPU growing and margins expanding.

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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Some of these emerging techs will be game changers

Seeing what $QS and $PLUG are up to had me add them to my watch list. Will be doing more DD but was thoroughly impressed.

Edge Computing is another that I think will be revolutionary and hope my $CRM will be a big player in the space.

Lastly, whoever figures out how to mass produce graphene cheaply and effectively may just change the world. It conducts electricity better than copper, is 200x stronger than steel and 1/6th the weight. Amazing what humans are capable of coming up with!
Linking is totally ok! Not sure what happened with the link coming down, but it wasn't intentional. Please try putting it in your memo body again.

Also, the video is freaking cool. Got sucked in to the part about Spin Launching satellites into orbit. Great stuff @strib
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Big Week Ahead! (Oct 25-29 Earnings Calendar)
Next week will probably be the most interesting week for the stock market this quarter. The largest companies in the world are all reporting and we'll get a lot of very valuable insights.

Here's what I'm interested in:
  • More context on the slowdown in ad spending from $FB $GOOG and $TWTR. Let's see if these companies are experiencing similar issues to the ones $SNAP mentioned yesterday.
  • Comments on the global supply chain issues from $KMB $MMM $GLW $LOGI and others.
  • A general update from $AMD $TDOC $SHOP and$AMZN.
  • Perspectives on the energy market from $XOM $CVX

Comment below what earnings call you're looking forward to!

Remember you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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