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Diamonds - De Beers & Demand

The diamond jewelry industry is going into the year with diamond supply at historically low levels, estimated by Bain & Company at 29 million carats in 2021. “Upstream inventories declined ~40%, driven by high demand and slow production recovery, and are near the minimal technical level,” the report stated.

There is little chance of material increases in supply before 2024, when a $2 billion underground expansion of its Venetia mine in South Africa is expected to be completed.

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As someone in the market for a diamond this is not the news I want to read.

Come on De Beers flood the market with some diamonds and help me out because my stocks certainly aren’t at the moment.
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Dry Powder Deployment Day: Diamonds
Deploying dry powder on a down day, definitely diamonds!

I've always been a fan picking up some deals on the clearance rack (and also alliteration as a literary device, in case you couldn't tell). A Tiff & Co. favorite, North Arrow Minerals' stunning yellow diamonds are "rarer than rare". Power couple Beyoncé & Jay-Z can be seen wearing the gems for the chain's marketing campaign. Tiff & Co. has seen North Arrow's cut & polished stones and is said to have liked them, and it's important to note that North Arrow's CEO has prior experience with the luxury retailer.

I'm a firm believer in following teams that have a proven track record, and you can't ask for much better than NAR backers Lukas Lundin, Ross Beaty, and Electrum (Thomas Kaplan). Lucara CEO Eira Thomas is an advisor on the project, as well as a significant shareholder. North Arrow's chairman, Gren Thomas, discovered the Diavik diamond deposit in the 1990's while he was with Aber Resources. Aber's shares went from dimes to more than $50 at the peak. In the early 2000's, a unique North American diamond alliance was created as Tiffany made a $104 million equity investment in Aber.

According to leading global diamond industry expert Paul Zimnisky, diamond fundamentals are exceptional. Demand is surging & many mines have closed with few new discoveries globally, with exploration for new deposits at its lowest in over 30 years. Rough diamond prices rose ~34% in 2021.

2022 should have see significant milestones & catalysts for North Arrow.

$NAR.V North Arrow Minerals Inc.
Current price C$0.09
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52wL C$0.07

DYODD as always, and if I can answer any questions, I am happy to do so!
(H/T to my favorite and only sub Resource Opportunities: Junior Mining Independent Research)
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If you're thinking about starting a new position, and you currently don't have any exposure to commodities at all (that's me), would you recommend starting with lithium, diamonds, copper, or something else?
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