Fantasy M&A: What merger or acquisition would you execute if you could?
Given that M&A has seemed to dominate most of the private market activity in 2022, I thought I'd posit this question to the broader Commonstock Universe:

If you could orchestrate a merger between two companies, or the acquisition of one company from another, assuming there are no legal, regulatory, or anti-trust constraints - who would you choose and why?

Personally, I'd like to see $HOOD be acquired by another broker or integrated financial services firm, perhaps someone like $PYPL or $SQ. While the retail trading frenzy has simmered from Q1 '21, I see Robinhood's UI/UX as superior to other trading platforms and a complementary offering found in competing fintechs like $SOFI & $MS (Morgan Stanley/Ameritrade overlap). On the other hand, I can see brokers today acquihiring Robinhood's engineers, or even using Robinhood as a go-to market vector for younger demographics, should they purchase the company. I have no stake in Robinhood today, nor am I a user anymore. However, I, and so many people I know, have begun their investing journey on Robinhood thanks to their ease of onboarding and use.

What do you think? $MNA $ARB
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