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New research on Media and Games $MDGIF
Redeye updates its view on Media and Games Invest ($M8G $MDGIF) following the Q2’22 report:

„Growth at a Ridiculous Price (GARP)“

The base case implies a 160% upside potential.

Here you can see the full report:

post media
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Media and Games Invest Q4
I know it‘s currently not really interesting but here are the Q4 numbers from $M8G @mgi_se

▫️Revenue +65% (36% organic)
▫️Adj. Ebitda +131%
▫️Adj. Ebitda-margin of 29% (vs 21%)
▫️Guidance 2022: Revenue of €290m-€310m (+25-34%) & adj. Ebitda of €80m-€90m (+12,5-26.5%)
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Portfolio End of November '21
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New: $MBR


+ wikifolio (ISIN: DE000LS9L8H9)
Love the $ETH exposure. Need to research YSN and EPSI. I'll be interested to see if regulation impacts META or AMZN at all this coming year.
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