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Junior Miners - Potential Unrivalled
$FOXG.V is an excellent example of why I love investing in the junior mining sector.

'The Philibert Project is part of a rapidly emerging gold camp located a few kilometres southwest of Chibougamau, a highly regarded pro-mining region. The Project is owned by SOQUEM, a subsidiary of Investissement Québec and a leader in Quebec’s mineral exploration industry.'

Always important to state - junior mining is a high risk investment, and I only invest what I am comfortable losing, usually that's 1-2% allocation. In the case of FOXG, I was comfortable enough with management's reputation/track record and how they funded almost the entire PP themselves, as well as the success of other miners in the area, that I took a larger stake here (larger for me is never more than 5%!). The TSX-V is a small exchange, shares are generally illiquid and therefore difficult to sell when something goes awry. I intend to take back my initial investment once FOXG reaches >$0.10, and I will let the rest ride as I await drill results. Imagine a move like this prior to lab results, and you will see why I believe junior mining offers investors some of the best returns in the market. If you can stomach the volatility and stick to a strict set of rules you set for yourself, there are gems to be found.
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YES YES YES!!!! this is why you're paid the big $$$$$!!!
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My Commonstock Portfolio
Still working on getting it linked up to the site, but opened a new account and bought the dip on Thursday. Dip kept dipping on Friday, but I added these names because I believe in them:
$AFM.V (tin, DRC)
$AN.V (lithium brine, Argentina)
$ATX.V (copper, Chile)
$BRW.V (lithium spodumene, Eastern Canada)
$EOG.V (oil & gas explorer, Guyana/Namibia/South Africa)
$FOXG.V (gold, Quebec)
$FPX.V (nickel, British Columbia)
$HZM.TO (nickel, Brazil)
$IVN.TO (exposure to multiple metals incl copper/nickel/zinc, DRC)
$MEG.TO (oil & gas, Alberta)
$NGEX.V (copper/gold/silver, Chile)
$ROK.V (oil & gas, Alberta & Saskatchewan)
$STEP.TO (oil field services, North America)
As always, please DYODD and know that I prefer higher risk/reward opportunities and may trade them quickly, so please ask questions, including if I sold!

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