$FOSL Mixed Earnings
Today I learned about Fossil Group. Being a fan of their watches I was naturally excited to learn they were publicly traded. The way I found out was seeing the company down 5% today supposedly based on earnings.

So let's take a high-level look.

Revenue Growth looks decent. Don't expect massive growth out of a watch and jewelry company.

Fossil lost less money at the same time they grew revenue. Interesting.

The company has almost enough cash to pay off all of its debts and has more than enough Total Current Assets to do so.

They even managed to buy back $10 million dollars of shares. Very Interesting.

Ah, there it is. The headwinds.

And the Nail In The Coffin. Lowering guidance from 2%-6% growth down to 0%-3%, unfortunate.

Still, I think $FOSL is worth a deeper dive not only for my personal interest in the brand but also for the network of companies Fossil has managed to build.
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