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My Portfolio and What I Learned This Quarter
Had a really fun time talking about my portfolio, what I learned this quarter, my investing strategy, and what my plans are moving forward

Makes you think a lot deeper about what you’re doing when you type it out, even if you don’t share it publicly! As a result of that, I sold out of my $CRCT position yesterday to move those funds into higher conviction software companies I own and potentially buy ones I don’t like $TWLO

For each of my holdings, I go over my first buy, last add, why I invested and my plan for the future!

Oh ya! TWLO is one of those biz that I plan to hold for a while. They’re building a new fabric of the internet, show impressive growth (customers, ARR) every quarter, and stay ahead of competition 🙏🏼
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New position: $FORG / ForgeRock

Taking a small basket approach to the Identity and Access Management space as I also own $OKTA

I currently have a 34.93 avg and plan to be patient and ideally build this into a more full position at its intended IPO list price at $25
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Okta is much loved-

Looking at the Commonstock asset page for $OKTA, and @vrishin, @danglazer, @d_m, and @gugnani have all held Okta over 1,000 days 🤯

I wonder if these people are at all interested in or concerned about the new competition from ForgeRock.

My thinking is that the $FORG IPO just validates that the space is huge and there's lots of opportunity. But would be curious to hear from others who have held longer than me.

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New position today: $OKTA added to the Roth. I’m so late to these cloud infrastructure leaders but this is another one I plan on holding for a long time along with $DDOG (which I’ve only gotten more bullish on as I’ve done research)

I’ll also be watching $FORG ForgeRock IPO next week (OKTA competitor) with a high probability I enter a starter position. Identity and Access Management is something I want exposure to for the LT. Winners will keep winning in ☁️ IMO
Felt the same when I bought Okta back in 2019. This is one where having a low time preference will be very beneficial. If you're holding for the long run, $OKTA is a good bet in my opinion.

Hadn't heard of $FORG - thanks for putting them on my radar.
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