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Epsilon Net & Skroutz.gr
Strategic partnership between Epsilon Net and skroutz.gr, the largest e-shopping platform in greece. The partnership includes the integration of Epsilon Smart & Pylon ERP. $EPSIL.AT
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Epsilon Net acquires 60 % of Tax Heaven
Epsilon Net ($EPSIL.AT) acquires 60% of Tax Heaven (www.taxheaven.gr) a company that is active in providing comprehensive information and education products and services, online Data Base Systems and regional IT applications for accounting firms and businesses.

Epsilon Net is paying a total of EUR 1.168.000. In 2021 the companies turnover amounted to EUR 1.14 million (+40,7 %) and an EBITDA of EUR 427 thousand (+60 %).
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My favorite investment 2021
My favorite investment 2021 was buying Epsilon Net $EPSIL.AT , a greek business software company, in July for 2.10 € (stock split adjusted) which trades now at 5.14 €. A good return for the short time period, but the best is that i think that this was just the beginning for a long way of growth for Epsilon.

The greece economy has been hit hard by the financial crisis 2007/2008 and that’s why the majority of businesses were unable to invest enough in their digitization. But the government made many hard reforms that were necessary that the economy now is back on a growth track.
With the help of big european union funds that has been established during Covid-19 the government gives incentives to businesses to invest in their digitization. A new e-invoicing systems is now mandatory for businesses in greece for example. And epsilon already established as one of the market leader there which ensures a good recurring revenue stream for them.
In addition the business software market in greece is quite fragmented. Epsilon already made some value accretive acquisitions and i think there will be more opportunities in 2022.

Organic growth + potential acquisitions will drive the growth of epsilon. Maybe it will also be my favorite trade of 2022 😄
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$EPSIL.AT Update 💸

▫️Estimated Turnover of 50m € in 2021 (+140%)
▫️significant increase in profitability
▫️e-invoicing subscriptions exceed 50k
▫️total number of customers should exceed 100k at the end of 2021
▫️starting point of a significant amount of annual recurring revenue

Here is my initial write up about Epsilon:

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Portfolio End of November '21
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New: $MBR


+ wikifolio (ISIN: DE000LS9L8H9)
Love the $ETH exposure. Need to research YSN and EPSI. I'll be interested to see if regulation impacts META or AMZN at all this coming year.
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