Half Year Portfolio Update
Since I'm Canadian, I can't have my portfolio on Commonstock :(

Portfolio Holdings and Weighting:


I track the KPI's for all my companies and then combine them using weighted averages and medians (for Leverage Ratio and Interest Coverage). I got the idea for this from reading Terry Smith's book "Investing For Growth." I have added FCF Margin on top of his original numbers.

Here is are my KPI's

Portfolio Additions In 2022:

Tencent Holdings Ltd., Topicus, Evolution AB

Portfolio Divestitures in 2022:


I only track price once per year on my year end report. I do this to keep my mind on the long-term. I've checked my portfolio performance 3 times this year, which might be too much tbh. I did 22.80% and 22.69% in 2020 and 2021. I expect this year to be much, much worse.

I have a more detailed description of my portfolio report on my Substack
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Longest holders

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