$DIA Technical Analysis Review
$DIA has held up better than all other indices over the past 6 months, but the tide is starting to turn on it as well. We are finding strong resistance at the 20SMA on the weekly, and we are entering into a stage 4 decline.

I expect, AT MINIMUM, a test of the $295 level over the next few months. Now for this week, we have a hammer candle that could lead to a short term bounce.

If we get a bounce back to the 20SMA, I will be entering short positions using $SDOW or $DOG.

More pain to come in my opinion - I am sorry. For long positions, stay patient as incredible opportunities will come to those who are patient.
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$DIA High Time Frame Technical Analysis
The Dow Jones is entering a stage 4 decline as we speak. The minimum target for the Dow Jones is $285 for a gap fill to the downside.

It is possible we get another test of the key moving average above before continuing its downtrend.

RSI is almost oversold as this points to a short term bounce before continued downside.

This is how I use TA on a macro time frame.

$DOG and $SDOW are two ways to play the downside on $DIA to hedge if needed.
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