July, A Rocky Month
Despite only adding to $BBBY and $CVS in July only two companies remained in the same spot as last month's update.

$INTC is still my largest holding and $FRDM holding up the 6th spot.
$STLA moved up a spot and $BOC replaced $DJCO.
$CVS moved up to number two on a bad earnings preview from $CRSR and will soon take number 1 if $INTC continues its woes.
$PYPL also moved up, having a pretty good month in July.

Overall very interesting to see all the movement in only a month. Plan on adding to $CRSR and $INTC in this next month.
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Assuming $BABA doesn’t go bankrupt & assuming $DJCO aggregate fair value of marketable securities is correct ,I’m a buyer below $300 (DCA into $275ish) & the (not so hidden) hidden gem of technology part that they are working on is the sweet cherry on top.

be it successful or not
$DJCO is the Daily Journal? Are they set up somewhat similar to IAC where they own a piece of a lot of different companies?

I think it's safe to assume Alibaba won't go bankrupt, but it remains to be seen how much politics in China will hamper their growth. Sounds like you feel more comfortable getting indirect exposure through $DJCO as opposed to buying Alibaba directly?
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