Since I'm having issues with IBKR connection again, I'll share what happened with my portfolio, for those who are interested.

  • I got rid of $VLTA as I didn't like recent developments... they revised Q3 results, found accounting irregularities, also moved Q4 earnings to an unknown date, and then we got a news about CEO/Founder and President/Co-founder leaving at the same time from executive positions and board of directors, that's something that rings my bell and thus I sold. I'm planning to put that money instead into $TSLA which has a great supercharger network, and then $PLTR since they are invested in Tritium $DCFC which is a charger maker, partnered with many larger brands and for example a popular EV charging network in Europe - Ionity.

  • I completed my positions in $SNAP and $AMPL yesterday
  • I initiated a position in $ROKU

Have a nice day! ✌️
Exits are more important than entries!

Botched my exits on $DCFC. This is my all day fader setup and I forgot to hold all for the all day fade. I promise to hold next time.
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