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Curious case of China stocks !
In the peak, china stocks like BABA, NIO always had exceptional earnings which drove me to take risky bets on leveraged ETFs like $CWEB. However, with recent economic stability fluctuations and strict covid lockdowns, lot of investors backed out of china based stocks/ETFs.

Now the curious findings. I was browsing through consumer-defensive reslilient stocks in wake of rising interest rates/inflation and came across iShares ETF $MCHI.

In the midst of market getting chewed apart , I see big large-scale orders to this ETF. See picture below :

Is this the bottom for china stocks ETF ? Good time to invest say 5% of portfolio into these ETFs?

Thoughts !
China stocks based ETFs ?
26%Bullish !
26%Bearish !
46%Stay away !
15 VotesPoll ended on: 06/20/22
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