Trading Chronicles 27/04/22 - $AMR trade
Got stopped out of $AA earlier for £-55 loss. Took a redemption trade on $AMR and this paid £124.95 so I'm up by £69.85 on the day!

$AMR could go to $161 tomorrow but I was nervous holding it overnight in a choppy market. Baby steps to build back my confidence after a massive drawdown in stocks last week.

Hoping for another big move in $BTU and $CEIX tomorrow!
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Energy will still reign supreme $XLE $XME
I believe the move in energy is not over. Brent Crude is still flagging and coal looks set for a continuation move with heavy accumulation still.

By the end of this year, we should be seeing $BTU at $70-100 and $CEIX should be at $100 or more.
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Very much interested in hearing more about energy. Scared we're near the top but then again there's a lot of tailwinds that can keep the move going. Can you say more about why you think $BTU will be at $&0-$100 by the end of the year? Purely because energy prices will continue to go up?
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