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Battery Metals Required?
Hyundai Motor Group said on Friday it plans to invest about $5.54 billion to build its first dedicated full electric vehicle (EV) and battery manufacturing facilities in the United States.

In its baseline outlook, Roskill forecast demand to continue to grow to more than 900,000t Ni by 2029, boosted "not merely by rising adoption rates of EVs, but also by increased vehicle range (and battery size), and the increased intensity of use of nickel among various competing battery chemistries, growth in nickel sulphate demand is set to outpace that of most other battery raw materials".

Lithium spodumene/brine & Nickel Sulphate are keys to EV production.
Tickers for your watchlist:
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Lithium - Automakers & Control of Supply Chain
While many gigafactory announcements have been driven by automakers teaming up with battery makers, these collaborations need to go further into raw materials according to Tirumalasetty. “You have to go further upstream to figure out where you’re getting your raw material from,” Tirumalasetty says. “That’s the only way to control the supply chain.”
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Bingo - “This disconnect between battery production capacity and critical materials could hit the automakers hardest as price volatility is passed downstream. “Large automakers are realising they need to vertically integrate their businesses into battery materials as well,” Tirumalasetty says.
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OEMs Insatiable Demand for Lithium
Aggressive targets for EV production will not be met unless auto manufacturers can secure the required supply of battery metals. Lithium may be an abundant resource but it's currently not mined and produced in sufficient quantities to meet demand, which is only increasing significantly every year.

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There are some very interesting dynamics at play with the lithium sector.

As with any mineral going from prospect to extraction takes an incredibly long time so it’s likely that EV makers will be in lithium deficit for some time.

I’m aware of some niche companies exploring the possibility of magnesium batteries instead of lithium. Which I don’t think would be used in EVs but could be used for general household batteries.

Another thing I noticed is that we seem to be advancing battery recycling I remember buying a pack of rechargeable batteries that quoted to be 5% recycled. I bought a pack this weekend and it claims to be 15% recycled.

Definitely bullish on lithium but keeping my eye out for niche alternatives like lithium recycling or magnesium batteries.
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Interview: Tremendous Buy Opportunity
I've made it well known that I am a fan of @inventacapital & Craig Parry.
'Never a better time to buy battery metals', 'last couple days Aussie markets significantly outperformed Canadian', 'tremendous buying stage for Canadian equities'
#nickel #lithium
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Volkswagen taking on TSLA by 2025
That's a lot of lithium... $AN.V $PMET.CN $FL.V $BRW.V
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My Commonstock Portfolio
Still working on getting it linked up to the site, but opened a new account and bought the dip on Thursday. Dip kept dipping on Friday, but I added these names because I believe in them:
$AFM.V (tin, DRC)
$AN.V (lithium brine, Argentina)
$ATX.V (copper, Chile)
$BRW.V (lithium spodumene, Eastern Canada)
$EOG.V (oil & gas explorer, Guyana/Namibia/South Africa)
$FOXG.V (gold, Quebec)
$FPX.V (nickel, British Columbia)
$HZM.TO (nickel, Brazil)
$IVN.TO (exposure to multiple metals incl copper/nickel/zinc, DRC)
$MEG.TO (oil & gas, Alberta)
$NGEX.V (copper/gold/silver, Chile)
$ROK.V (oil & gas, Alberta & Saskatchewan)
$STEP.TO (oil field services, North America)
As always, please DYODD and know that I prefer higher risk/reward opportunities and may trade them quickly, so please ask questions, including if I sold!
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Lithium: Myth or Monster?
The returns speak for themselves.
One of the aspects I appreciate most about Commonstock is the opportunity to engage in constructive disagreement within a respectful community culture. As I gain experience as an investor, I’ve come to realize the best thing one can do is listen to opposing views. Engaging with others has reminded me to re-examine my choices, something we should all be doing consistently. Often I will either sell if I have been given seeds of doubt, or add because my conviction has grown through discussion points. Perhaps the best example in my portfolio would be lithium, and how I became known among some as Lithium Cassandra. After several tweets about my case for a lithium bull market, one of my favourite Twitter accounts, a former English major, gave me the moniker “Lithium Cassandra”. For those who don’t know, Cassandra was a Trojan priestess cursed to utter true prophecies, but never to be believed. Though several disagreed with me, all the research I had done indicated lithium had nowhere to go but up, and I still believe that’s the case.

My largest gains this year have been in the lithium space, with my favourite $PMET.CN currently up 391% in my portfolio. I am excited about the potential yet to come regarding this exciting lithium spodumene discovery in Quebec. I am also invested in $FL.V (up 98% currently), a significant spodumene resource in Ontario. With the Federal government favouring and funding mining and manufacturing in these two provinces, I expect legislation and an accelerated approval process to be key factors in the development of these assets.

In addition to Eastern Canadian spodumene, I hold $AN.V (current return 21%). Arena Minerals recently mobilized additional drill rigs on their Sal de la Puna lithium brine project in Argentina. With LAC and Ganfeng as significant shareholders (17% each), the potential of the property clearly is of interest to bigger players. I am anticipating a bidding war for Arena at some point, as happened in the case of nearby Millennial Lithium Corp. between LAC and CATL. CATL’s initial bid was worth $376.8M and LAC’s rival bid came in at $400M. In the end, LAC completed the acquisition for ~$491M in January, 2022. In addition to the Sal de la Puna property, Arena’s portfolio of projects includes additional lithium brine resources in Argentina, as well as copper and gold exposure in neighbouring Chile. With top tier management that has developed projects through to production, Eduardo Morales and Will Randall offer a lithium dream team. Morales sold Rockwood Lithium to Albemarle in 2014 for US$6.2 billion, and Randall discovered & developed the Sal de los Angeles project sold by Lithium-X for $265M in 2018. $AN.V closed at 54 cents Friday on the TSX-V, and I am hopeful the next catalyst will move the share price well beyond it’s 52wH of $0.68.

The most recent addition to my portfolio is Brunswick Exploration Inc. $BRW.V recently launched a major, long-term, grassroots lithium exploration program in Quebec and the Maritimes, staking several prospective claims throughout the well-established mining belt in the Abitibi region of Quebec. Brunswick is also starting grassroots exploration for critical metals such as copper, nickel, and tin. Tin and lithium were the best performing metals in 2021, and spot prices are not expected to decline any time soon. A large consideration in any investment I make, particularly in the high risk junior mining sector, is management’s track record. Brunswick’s CEO Robert Wares brings over 35 years of mineral exploration & development experience, and he discovered the Malartic gold mine, developed by Osisko Mining Inc into one of Canada’s largest gold producers. Wares was awarded Prospector of the Year in 2007 and named among the Northern Miner’s “Mining Men of the Year” in 2009. The company’s president is Killian Charles, previously with Integra Gold Corp, acquired by Eldorado Gold in 2017. Mr. Charles also served as VP of Corporate Development for Osisko Metals from 2017 to 2020. $BRW.V has a highly experienced team working to advance assets in Eastern Canada. One of the largest critical metal explorers in Canada, shares are tightly held and now seems like a great opportunity to buy. With continued acquisition of prospective properties and diversified metal exposure, Brunswick offers significant potential in the years ahead. Shares closed at $0.185 on the TSX-V on Friday.

It’s important I reiterate that the junior mining sector is highly volatile and involves greater risk than more established mining companies. For this reason, I monitor my holdings very closely and am prepared to sell on any changes in sentiment or anticipated drill results. In the months ahead, I will detail what strategies have served me well, and what has not. Every day is a learning experience, and I’m always grateful to those that share their knowledge with me. Your success as an investor will greatly improve when you are open to the benefits of learning from others around you. If you're new to the lithium space and have questions about terminology or the mining sector, please ask me questions in the comments! If I don't know the answer to something, I will do my best to find it.
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While studying alternative energy engineering around 2015, I could see that battery storage was going to play a huge role on the future of renewables. Just now really exploding 7 years later. I’m not an expert enough to know which part of the battery supply chain is the best investment, but it sounds like the battery lithium miners😉
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