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Portfolio end of August '22 (descending order)
Epsilon Net Group $EPSIL
Secunet Security Networks $YSN.DE
Evolution $EVVTY
Leatt $LEAT
Kaspi $KSPI
Amazon $AMZN
Meta $META
Clearvise $ABO.F (New)
Google $GOOG
Grodno $GRN.WA
Media and Games Invest $MDGIF
Centrotec $CEV.HM
Digital Turbine $APPS
Booking $BKNG
Steico $ST5.DE
Passus $PAS.WA
Unity $U
Kambi $KAMBI
Mynaric $MYNA
Tencent $TCEHY
Nvidia $NVDA
Alibaba $BABA
Adobe $ADBE
Sea $SE
Spotify $SPOT
Monster Beverage $MNST

Sold: Tremor $TRMR

Ethereum $ETH.X
Bitcoin $BTC.X
Litecoin $LTC.X
Enjin $ENJ.X
Bitcoin Cash $BCH.X
Cardano $ADA
Polkadot $DOT
Yield Guild Games $YGG

+wikifolio Zukunftsbranchen
Nice collection of under-the-radar international stocks here, plus a few more familiar ones too ($U, $GOOG, etc...) I went to give you a follow but realized I already am! ;) I notice you're in Germany. How easy/difficult do you find access to all the international exchanges? How are the fees for international trading?
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$17.7m follower assets
Portfolio End of November '21
(descending order)


New: $MBR


+ wikifolio (ISIN: DE000LS9L8H9)
Love the $ETH exposure. Need to research YSN and EPSI. I'll be interested to see if regulation impacts META or AMZN at all this coming year.
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Facts about my portfolio : 80-20 rule?
Today I hit a milestone of reaching NRs. 40 million, or NRs. 4 crore. So, I decided to look at all of my portfolios and analyze them.

Dividend stocks:
As I initially started focusing on cashflow / dividend - it only makes sense that most of my holdings are dividend investments. 96% of my total investments are in stocks that give dividends. With my monthly dividend being around $1,177 on average (which is more than enough for me to run my family) with 5%+ dividend CAGR. 17% of total return came in the form of dividends. 51% of total return came from dividend stocks.

Crypto craze:
I was a part of crypto craze. I traded $BTC and made profit out of it. I held significant amount of $BTC and $ETH and closed the position. Now, I hold small positions on $ETH and $ADA. I have invested total of 0.37% of my investments in crypto and it has returned 18% of total return. Crazy right! If you can follow the trend or be early adopter, you can have a chance to make huge profit.

Growth stocks:

Now let's talk about my growth stocks. I have 2 dedicated portfolio around 4% of my total investment. My growth portfolio consists of my multi-bagger ROTH IRA which I talk about in this article https://commonstock.com/memo/f8bf6683-0b 50-434e-842d-a319d54ab733
and my story fund where I choose my companies based on their story or their founders' story which I talk about in https://commonstock.com/post/f7e91973-e375-4da9-a72c-1e5ad2a1b898. It also consists $U that I have in my dividend growth portfolio. It has returned total of around 35% return. 4% investment returning 35%+ return is crazy!

$U is my favourite stock by far. 2.2% of my total investments are in $U. It has returned over 10% of total return. Apart from $U, I love $U, $IS and $APP as I have worked with em for over 10 years. They add up to 3.43% of total investment and have returned around 12% return.

80-20 rule:
The 80-20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is an aphorism which asserts that 80% of outcomes (or outputs) result from 20% of all causes (or inputs) for any given event. In business, a goal of the 80-20 rule is to identify inputs that are potentially the most productive and make them the priority. If it were to apply, I would have made my 80% return with 20% of my investments. Let's check it out.
$U, $JPM, $AAPL, $MSFT and $STAG, $WM, $ADA and $ETH makeup around 20% of total investment and have generated around 60% of total return.

Even though it didn't quite follow 80-20 rule. It was close enough.
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