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Does anyone know of a good resource to get Z-Score for Funds? I am especially interested in ARKK, QQQ & other growth space ETF’s.

Thank you!
Retail space
An argument can be made that in the retail space, generally a 'long term investment' is a trade gone wrong. Its funny seeing so many Fed backed so called PM's & analysts realizing the importance of ROC & Macro economic forces today. Ah! what a day to 'Exit' positions.

Just a thought.
S&P500 Negative YoY
Since 2013, whenever S&P went negative YoY, Fed either stopped tightening & started loosening. S&P went negative YoY today (-0.18%).

Next week Fed may be increasing rates by 50bp.
Biden Admin Land policy
Does anyone know about Biden Admin land for oil policy? Is it the same as Trump & what does it mean for Energy in the long term.
It was a bit disappointing in my opinion. They only approved federal land leases on 20% of historic land available AND they increased the royalties the lease holders need to pay.

I wouldn’t expect this to move the supply needle much so I would expect to see energy prices continue to rise over the next year.
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