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Bitcoin ($BTC.X )
#Bitcoin has seen a spike recently, gaining 12.89% with the price currently sitting at $43,000. The accumulation of Bitcoin addresses/wallets has also been on a frantic pace these last few days. This I feel is all related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I am very bullish on Bitcoin long term, however this situation poses a few risks that would be very interesting to look at. If Russia fully embraces Bitcoin, it could potentially limit the impact of various economic and financial sanctions put on them. This could also make the US 🇺🇸 and NATO countries regulate Bitcoin very strictly making it hard to use or spend.

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How likely do you think it would be that the US and other NATO nations would increase regulation on BTC? That could really kick against the main proposition of BTC and it’s primary value IMO. Thoughts?
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Russia and Bitcoin
Unpopular opinion: The Issue between Russia 🇷🇺 and Ukraine 🇺🇦 is definitely bullish for Bitcoin. If 🇷🇺 gets cut from “S**W**I**F**T” Bitcoin might just be the solution. I’ll be buying any dips below $37k…. We can get to a $100k before end of year

$AAPL “Tap to Pay” and $SQ
Apples “Tap to Pay” feature transforming iPhones into contactless credit card readers and payment processors might just be bullish for $SQ.

The press release says it would be used with existing payment processors. People won't need to buy POS machines from $SQ again.

This reduces friction for new users as they can just use their iPhones to power Square. $SQ has the best software offering IMO for small businesses + BNPL.... $SQ is also making a loss selling POS machines to merchants.
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Interesting! Do you think it is as secure? Or more importantly, do you think users will see it as being just as secure for business use? Something about tapping someone’s phone that doesn’t seem as professional
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$SQ (Block) Earnings +23% AH🔥
( $SQ ) Q4 earnings beats estimates.

Q4 EPS: $0.27, EST. $0.22
Q4 Revenue: $4.08B, EST. $4.01B
Q4 $BTC Revenue: $1.96B, EST. $1.95B

Yesterday I predicted Block would do at least 15% AH today as I knew the stock had been way oversold and the fundamentals are still quite good. Stock currently +23%….. I’ll be watching for tomorrow’s open.
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New IPO's
Which one of this potential IPO's are you most interested in and why?
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I may actually go against my "building cash position" stance and buy some Snowflake. Their net retention and growth is insane. However, their EV/NTM multiple is nearing the top of market and may be an excessive valuation.

On the consumer side of things, I really like Roblox (video game) and Wish (ecommerce).
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I am staying Invested in My Stocks
This post is an accountability to myself. I have enjoyed wonderful returns from this run up in the price of stocks and the market keeps running with no end in sight. The nasdaq is up 1.03% pre-market this afternoon.

A lot of people have spoken about an impending crash and doom for the stock market. Lots of popular investors I follow on Twitter have spoken about raising cash and stepping to the sidelines.

One thing I've learnt from my short time trading stocks, is to never time the market. I have a long term outlook and would be working hard to make money so I can buy more securities if the market crashes. I'm staying Invested!!!

Wish me luck
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Looking Elsewhere for Now
This week was generally positive with my portfolio spotting a 3% growth. Considering the nosebleed valuation with US equities, I'm looking at opportunities elsewhere.

During the week, I was looking at the London Stock Exchange for opportunities. Two stocks that caught my attention were AutoTrader (AUTO.L) and Rightmove (RMV.L). AutoTrader is the UK's leading online market place for used cars while Rightmove is the UK's largest property portal. These two companies are both online portal plays, with lots of growth left. They are both profitable and do not possess sky-high valuations.

Auto Trader is valued at $5.44B, while Rightmove is valued at $5.53B. Both brands have very high brand awareness (Over 80% in the UK) and enjoy incredible network effects from being the largest company of its type in the country.

I'll be learning more about both companies and would initiate a position if they do pass my test.
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