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Too many of my companies are changing CEO’s lol. I gotta study all new people. First Starbucks, now Visa, what’s next?? But honestly everything I’m reading seems like a great hire and well deserved. To some degree it’s kinda hard to not be able to lead Visa, I think the business basically runs itself lol but you always need a strong leader at the helm of whatever company
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Top 5 most sold stocks on @commonstock today | YTD Comparison and AI analyst insights
Hi all, we are torto.ai - we're making an all-in-one solution to help retail investors save time and energy using AI personalized analyst reports.

Here's a YTD chart of the 5 most sold stocks on @commonstock today:

> iShares Currency Hedged MSCI EAFE ETF $HEFA: -5.74%🔴
> Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF $VTI: -17.47%🔴
> Amazon. com Inc. $AMZN: -44.87%🔴
> Gitlab Inc $GTLB: -51.78%🔴
> SecureWorks Corp $SCWX: -54.75%🔴

Below is one of the AI analyst's insights about that comparison:

Here are a few selected AI analyst's insights taken from the reports on the most sold stock on @commonstock today:

Until next time 😎

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Man, these bankers are fried
I'm in two minds about FTX's collapse.

On the one hand, crypto and the obtuse behaviour it inspired are gross. The people who complain about their crypto losses are frustrated that someone else pulled the rug on them before they got to pull it on others.

On the other hand, fraud is wrong. All parties should get swift justice. This includes celebrities who shilled these investments for fees or to pump their own book.

But no one should get a bailout. Restitution should be forced onto the fraudsters and their promoters.

The lessons I see are:
• Don't put all your eggs in one unregulated basket.
• If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
• Don't try to time bubbles and manias—avoid them.
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Salesforce: Book "Behind The Cloud" offers an interesting look into its backstory
$CRM is reporting its quarterly earnings this evening. I have been long Salesforce for a while now, part of it stemmed from my original investment in $WORK, which was acquired with a mix of cash and stock back in 2021. Feels like it happened a longer time ago...

Marc Benioff, founder and CEO, published "Behind The Cloud" back in 2009 and it is a pretty good read for anyone who is invested in SaaS companies.

Some notable highlights (and fun facts) include:

  • Benioff invested $6mn of his own money to seed Salesforce. His former mentor and boss Larry Ellison of $ORCL put in $2mn, which if still maintained, would be worth billions today
  • Early marketing tactics to gain press attention included hiring actors to stage mock protests against traditional on-premise software. The "No Software" logo was their thing back then. That antic did not go as planned when they repeated it in Singapore, where any form of protest is illegal!
  • Benioff is a pretty spiritual person and practices yoga + meditation
  • For top sales performers, they would be rewarded with trips to Hawaii, plus sponsored shopping sprees at Tiffany's (!). The latter sounds a bit over the top. Wondering if Salesforce has phased that out with recent cost-cutting measures
  • On aggressive sales and marketing spend, Benioff writes in his book: "Years ago, we received criticism for spending too much on marketing for a $250mn company, but when we were a $250mn company, we weren't thinking like a $250mn company. We were trying to build a bigger company, and the only way to do that was to act like one"
post media
I am starting to love following you Benjamin. Doing a lot of posts about companies I am either in or seriously interested in. Disney and Salesforce are definitely those. I didn't know Marc had this book. I am defintely gonna read this. Truly got into Salesforce more these last few weeks but I have been studying them for months. Can't wait for earnings tonight. Would love chat more about Slack and all the other amazing things salesforce is doing after earnings tonight. Great post!
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$SPOT TikTok-like feature
Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but my Discover Weekly playlist now has a TikTok-like option where I can quickly preview the main parts of the songs in the list (in the same vertical swiping method of TikTok / Reels). I've only used it briefly, but it seems well suited to accelerate music discovery.

Does anyone know how long this feature has been out? How do you feel about it?
$SHOP Merchants Set New Black Friday Cyber Monday Record with $7.5 Billion in Sales
$SHOP had a record-setting Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend, with sales of $7.5**billion from independent businesses worldwide. That's a 19** *% increase in sales from the $6.3 billion during Shopify's Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend in 2021 (21% on a constant currency basis).

More than 52 million consumers globally purchased from brands powered by Shopify this year, an 18% increase from 2021. Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend is the highest volume shopping event of the year for Shopify merchants. And, while not a proxy for the full holiday season, it is a moment that showcases the power and impact independent businesses have around the globe.

2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday Global Highlights
  • Black Friday saw the highest shopping volume moment during the weekend, with peak sales of more than $3.5 million per minute at 12:01 PM EST on November 25.
  • 52 million consumers worldwide purchased from independent brands powered by Shopify, an 18% increase from 2021.
  • Shoppers' spend climbed across many countries, with consumers globally spending $102.10 per order on average throughout the weekend (or $104.80 on a constant currency basis) compared to the global average of $100.70 we shared last year***.
  • The top-selling cities shoppers made purchases from include London, New York, and Los Angeles. The United States, United Kingdom, and Canada were among the top-selling countries worldwide.
  • Top product categories: Apparel & accessories, followed by health & beauty, and home & garden.
  • Black Friday Cyber Monday proved once again to be driven by online sales, with 73% of sales made on mobile devices and 27% on desktop.
  • Cross-border orders represent 15% of all global orders and the most popular cross-border routes include Canada-United States, United States-Canada, and United Kingdom-United States.
  • 56,000+ tonnes of carbon removal funded to counteract emissions from the delivery of every order placed on Shopify's platform during Black Friday Cyber Monday weekend.
Do politicians beat the market? OC Edition
As a followup to recent post analyzing Nancy Pelosi's data, this data is from Alan Lowenthal, who represents western Orange County in southern California.

Side note: I went to Claremont for graduate school and find this to one of the most beautiful areas in the world and has incredible surf spots.

I analyzed his trade history data (from publicly available resource/API), here are a couple of highlights:

  1. His cumulative performance beat the S&P benchmark by a whopping 11% (a 41% relative improvement)--truly impressive by professional money management standards.
  2. However, on the active management side, we find dramatic Disposition Effect (‘selling winners too soon, losers too late’) errors reducing his performance (“negative behavioral alpha”) by a dramatic 43%. Ouch.
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Datacenters used 1% to 1.5% of worldwide power in 2010.
By 2030, datacenters will consume 3% to 13%!
If datacenter power consumption growth is extrapolated to 2050, it dwarfs current power generation capabilities!
Some say this is a problem due to sustainability issues
IMO, humanity, or the AGI that wipes us out, won't stop until there's a Dyson Sphere!
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Vanadium Twitter Spaces
For those who missed it, I am posting a transcript of my speech from tonight's Twitter spaces about "the next lithium", as well as some informative links & graphics. Vanadium could present a generational opportunity for investors, and I was very fortunate to have some incredible guest speakers join me for an excellent discussion. If you'd like to catch the entire dialogue, the always gracious host @nyetgoldblum will post a recording of the session soon.

"Thank you gentlemen, for having me back to present the case for another metal – this one certainly not as well-known as Dr. Copper. Not everyone has heard of vanadium but hopefully after tonight, it won’t be one you will forget.

Just a heads up that when I wrote my copper speech – it was TWELVE PAGES long & tonight I had planned on delivering a three-pager, but plans change and in this case that’s a good thing…because I was very lucky I was able to recruit not just two, not three, BUT FOUR amazing guest speakers, so I will introduce them to you all – briefly mention how I became interested in vanadium & then turn the floor over to them.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Thomas George who is President at Grizzle & Portfolio Manager of the GRZZ ETF.

Thomas has over 17 years of global institutional investment management experience. At TD Asset Management he was Director of Global Resources and the lead Portfolio Manager for over $1 billion of global equities. Thomas is a CFA charterholder and has been featured on Fox Business, CNBC, Bloomberg, CTV, CBC and the National Post.

Thomas recently did a very interesting interview with the CEO of Largo and I will post the link in the nest.

Also joining us from Grizzle is Head of Research, Scott Willis. Scott has over 15 years of institutional investment management experience and his core areas of investment coverage at Grizzle include marijuana, energy, and technology. Scott is also a CFA charterholder and has been featured on Bloomberg, CBC, CNBC, and Macleans. Scott knows the fundamentals of the vanadium industry very well, and is also an expert on Largo – a company we will be discussing at length.

Next I would like to introduce Duane Hope, who is a Partner at Capital 10X; Duane brings over 15 years of communications and research experience to the firm. His research and writing has appeared in publications for North American, European and Asian audiences.

He has done some great work on VRFBs and I will post a thread with links to some of Duane’s writing in the nest as well.

Last but not least, Johnathan Lee is also here – Jonathan is a Director at Largo Physical Vanadium. Johnathan has been a board member at Largo since 2019, holds a degree in chemical engineering, and has previously held roles as a mining & metals equity research analyst.

Some of you may have noticed that I have the name “Vanadium Cassandra” in my bio. If you have followed me for awhile you would have seen that in the past I went by “Lithium Cassandra”. Someone gave me the name when they grew tired of me tweeting about the lithium bull case.

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was a Trojan priestess who spurned the god Apollo. He then cursed her to speak true prophecies that no one ever believed.

Several people I chatted with couldn’t see the bull case for lithium because they believed lithium is an abundant resource – and why would there be supply issues for something so prevalent?

However, as 2021 progressed it became increasingly clear that EV batteries were presenting an almost entirely new and significant end-use for the metal, and the lithium market would see an exponential increase in demand.

If you have a look at the lithium price chart I posted, you can see why it paid to be an early mover in the sector. Obviously if you had bought lithium in 2019, you would have required patience and timing these moves can be difficult.

I fully admit, I was and still am early to the hydrogen scene (according to Alberta Garbage, early in hydrogen means never) – but I believe I am much closer in timing my move with vanadium.

It might sound cliché, but as Wayne Gretzky said:

I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.

A recent S&P Global report mentioned “One mineral that’s been overlooked in this entire cycle is vanadium, which has huge market opportunities. It’s increasingly difficult to see lithium-ion as a sustainable energy storage solution moving forward. Vanadium is more efficient than lithium-ion in the grid storage market.”

The Inflation Reduction Act includes incentives worth approximately $370 billion. This will supercharge climate change mitigation and increase interest in​ industrial, commercial, and residential energy storage systems such as vanadium batteries. Both the United States and Canada have now introduced a 30% tax credit for energy storage installations that could promote the adoption of VRFBs.

I have always been a proponent of the theory that following successful people dramatically increases your own odds of success. Well, one of the biggest factors that drew me to have a closer look at vanadium was seeing the appeal that it held for mining’s GOAT.

In 2017 Robert Friedland said “there’s a revolution coming in VRFBs” and in June of this year, Friedland IPO’d Ivanhoe Electric, which included under its umbrella a privately owned company named VRB Energy.

VRB produces a battery using vanadium recycled from petroleum waste. Syncrude is one of the largest operations in Canada’s oil sands industry and produces approximately 50,000 tonnes per day of waste product, which includes significant quantities of vanadium. Unlocking the economics of metal extraction in this area could prove to be not only lucrative for the Canadian oil sands but could also solve issues with waste disposal.

For now, steel is expected to remain the main driver of vanadium demand. A study from the University of Texas concluded that using vanadium can reduce carbon emissions in concrete buildings by up to 18% -- giving you yet another reason to become a vanadium bull.

Billions of dollars have poured into VRFB research & development over the past decade, and mass utility scale adoption seems all but inevitable – so now is a great time to consider adding miners like Largo to your watchlist.

And with that, I will turn the stage over to my panel of guest speakers…thank you for your time."


There is the potential for #vanadium prices to become the hockey stick graph that we saw with #lithium prices


Bushveld “struggled to meet production targets…provided the group extended its life of mine as its assets were mature”.

Civil unrest hits South African mineral supply chains
Bushveld Minerals' told S&P Global Platts in an email that "The unrest has not had any impact on our production and no material impact on our supply chain."

RBC comp Nov 22, 2022 of Bushveld to Largo
Bushveld implied upside 21%
Largo implied upside 132%






Capital10x on Largo:

Largo – Explosive Growth for Vanadium Miners

Largo 3Q 2022 Earnings: Maintaining Focus on the Structural Growth Ahead https://capital10x.com/largo-3q-2022-results/LPV: The Pure Play Vanadium Investment $VAND.Vhttps://capital10x.com/lpv-the-pure-play-vanadium-investment/


If you are interested in the vanadium space, this is an outstanding Grizzle Pod interview with the CEO of Largo. No doubt you will see why I am bullish on the metal.


Chinese city of Dalian has just switched on a world-leading new energy storage system, expected to supply enough power for up to 200,000 residents each day

'Investors should expect rising profitability as we enter what we believe to be a bull market for vanadium. Vanadium-based energy storage systems...remarkable growth projection for long-duration storage needs over the next five years'

“One mineral that’s been overlooked in this entire cycle is vanadium, which has huge market opportunities. It’s increasingly difficult to see lithium-ion as a sustainable energy storage solution moving forward. Vanadium is more efficient than lithium-ion in the grid storage market.”

“Everyone wants in”
Traditionally used as a strengthening agent in steel, vanadium may become important in the energy transition as part of a growing market for VRFBs and as a cathode in lithium-ion batteries

IRA’s passing…will help “incorporate medium and long-duration energy storage such as vanadium redox flow batteries (VFRBs) into their operations more economically than before”

The IRA includes incentives worth approximately $370 billion. This could supercharge climate change mitigation and increase interest in​ industrial, commercial, and residential energy storage systems such as vanadium batteries.

Global Vanadium Supply & Demand:

Vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs) are forecast to be the fastest-growing sector with a CAGR of +26%. By 2030 VRFBs are expected to account for 10% of annual demand up from the 1% in 2021.

Woodmac, RBC Capital Markets Vanadium Demand Estimates:

Comparison of energy storage technologies:
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A Welcome Blessing for Fintech Models: Interest Income
Excellent brief analysis by a16z on how the changing interest rate environment (rising interest rates) increases the NIM of not only legacy financial institutions but also neobanks and other fintech companies.

"This year’s rapid rise in global interest rates has been a blessing for fintech companies holding customer cash balances. With the U.S. effective federal funds rate now at 3.8%, banks and fintech companies alike have a newfound revenue stream that can have a significant impact on their business models." (a16z)

Source: a16z

Source: a16z

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$ZM - Is growth zooming out?
Markets says that it does as the stock is trending down since $ZM reported its results. The below presents our analysis for Q3'FY23 results that was published in our substack.

If you enjoy this type of analysis, please share our work and subscribe to our newsletter to receive similar posts directly to your inbox.

Results Vs Guidance
Despite beating guidance for Q3’FY23, the 2nd consecutive reduction in revenue guidance (justified by FX pressure) for fiscal 2023 as well as the material drop in GAAP operating income from $290.9M (margin of 27.7%) in Q3’22 to $66.5M (margin of 6.0%) in Q3’23, driven by a disproportionate increase in stock-based compensation (157%) seem to be the key drivers of this drop.

Eric S. Yuan, Founder, and CEO “In Q3, we drove revenue above guidance with continued momentum in Enterprise. In addition, our non-GAAP operating income came in meaningfully higher than our outlook, setting us up to finish the year with full-year revenue growth, strong GAAP and non-GAAP profitability, and free cash flow that we expect to be at the high end of our range of $1 billion to $1.15 billion.”


Source: Zoom 10Q filings, StockOpine analysis

  • Revenue up 5% year-over-year (“y/y”) to $1,102 million. Revenue growth was driven by the increase in enterprise revenue (up 20%) and partly offset by the decrease in revenue from the online business (down 10%).
  • Americas region showed an increase of 11%, whereas EMEA and APAC declined by 9% and 3%, respectively. As per management, the drop in EMEA region was driven by Online, FX impact and Russia-Ukraine war and APAC region was impacted from strong dollar. Nonetheless, over the call it was indicated that “one of the biggest areas of opportunity is international partner expansion.”

Enterprise Customers
  • Revenue from Enterprise customers grew 20% y/y and represented 56% of total revenue, up from 49% in Q3‘22. Revenue from Enterprise customers is expected to be the chunk of total revenue over time.
“The continued strength of our enterprise growth is a testament to how the value proposition of our platform resonates with customers even in tougher economic environments.” Eric Yuan, Founder and CEO
  • The FY’23 outlook for Enterprise assumes a low to mid-twenties growth and assuming a yearly 23% growth, Q4’23 growth will decelerate to c. 18% y/y (2% compared to Q3’23).

Source: Zoom 10Q filings, StockOpine analysis
  • The growth in the number of Enterprise customers slowed down to 14% y/y compared to 18% in prior quarter, reaching approximately 209,300.
  • Customers contributing more than $100,000 in trailing 12 months increased by 31% reaching 3,286. These customers represented 27% of revenue, up from 22% in Q3‘22.

  • Trailing 12-month net dollar expansion rate for Enterprise customers was 117%, down from 120% in Q2’23.

Kelly Steckelberg, CFO “I want to highlight, especially in the enterprise renewals remain very, very strong. We were actually slightly ahead of our internal forecast for Q3. So we continue to see -- we've talked about many metrics, growth and expansion in the enterprise.”

Zoom Phone
Kelly Steckelberg, CFO “We also added 9 customers in Q3 that have purchased over 10,000 seats and that brings us to a total of 64 customers in that category. So I think it shows continued strength, especially in the up market even in these challenging economic times.”

No additional color was provided on the number of seats which exceeded 4m in prior quarter.

Contact Center
Eric Yuan, Founder, CEO “And I think that's a future big revenue driver for us, especially customer like CCaaS and UC together, right, and with a much better experience and also the total ownership of costs also much better.”

Across the call, we noted that the focus was not on a single product but rather expanding the full platform so instead of just Phone, Meetings or Chat, teams are focusing on Zoom One which captures those functions and on Contact Center and Zoom IQ for Sales.

Kelly Steckelberg, CFO “So for all the reasons we've been talking about in terms of retention, flexibility for organizations to reduce vendors, the cost savings, the total cost of ownership that they see by having that combined, that for all of those reasons, that's really becoming the focus of our enterprise sales organization.”

Online Business
  • Revenue from online business was down 10% y/y and down 4% quarter-over-quarter (“q/q”) in Q3’FY23, thus the signs of stabilization we observed in the prior quarter may not be justified.
  • The FY’23 outlook for Online Business of c.8% decline, translates to a 12% decline y/y and 3% q/q for Q4’23.

Despite this, Kelly Steckelberg, CFO commented that the initiatives for free-to-pay conversion are still in process and added that “we expect online to stabilize from a dollar perspective in Q2 of next year. And based on our most recent forecast, that is still the case.”

Source: Zoom 10Q filings, StockOpine analysis
  • On a rather positive note, the recent metric introduced, Online Average Monthly Churn shows a mild improvement from 3.6% in prior 2 quarters to 3.1% in the current quarter.

  • Gross profit margin was 75% (79.5% non-GAAP) compared to 74% (76% non-GAAP) in Q3’22. Non-GAAP gross margin is expected to be around 79% for FY’23.
  • Non-GAAP operating income of $380.9 million compared to $411.3 million in prior year, and non-GAAP operating income margin of 34.6% compared to 39.1% in prior year. Non-GAAP operating income does not include Stock Based Compensation (“SBC”) which in the case of Zoom is accelerating and increasing shareholder dilution.

Source: Zoom 10Q filings, StockOpine analysis

The exponential increase in SBC is due to supplemental grant program / retention measures to compensate employees who initially received Restricted Stock Units (“RSUs”) when the stock was in the range of $300-400s and as they vest over the same period as the underlying grants, the current level of SBC is expected to continue for few years.

Kelly Steckelberg, CFO “once the stock stabilizes, then you will see less impact from that or less need for additional grants. So we're hoping that we're at that place and that you're going to not see additional supplemental grant in that same level. But until we get past probably another year's worth, we might have some more.”

Although this might make sense to drive investments in new products, the 17.8M RSUs granted in 9M FY’23 compared to 3.2M for FY’22 are extreme. 27% over revenue is a significant dilution to shareholders and it’s not sustainable without a relevant increase in revenues.

  • GAAP operating income of $66.5 million compared to $290.9 million in prior year, and GAAP operating income margin of 6.0% compared to 27.7% in Q3’22.

Source: Zoom 10Q filings, StockOpine analysis

  • The growth in operating expenses was exponential compared to revenue (5%) with R&D up 99%, S&M up 46% and G&A up 46%. These were driven by SBC whereas R&D was also driven by “investments in expanding Zoom’s product portfolio and delivering on our customers’ evolving needs” and Sales & Marketing because “We continue to invest judiciously in sales capacity and channel partner expansion.”

Financial position, Share buybacks and Cash flows
  • Cash and marketable securities as at 31 Oct 2022 are $5.2 billion with zero debt.
  • Free cash flow of $273 million (25% of revenue) compared to $375 million in Q3’22 (36% of revenue). FCF does not include the impact of SBC and if included the margin turns negative for a 2nd consecutive quarter.
  • The company purchased $565 million of stock, representing 7.0 million shares, implying an average cost of $81 per share. Of the $1 billion share buy-back announced in Feb 2022 only $9.2 million remain available.
  • Management expects FCF of $1B to $1.15B for FY’23 (margin of 24.6% for mid-guidance). If tax legislation 174 for capitalization of R&D is not repealed or deferred, FCF will end up being lower. Effectively, there will be no option to deduct R&D in the year but rather amortize over 5 years thus tax saving will be much lower.

Concluding remarks
Q3’23 was not satisfactory despite beating guidance. The reduced profitability, the accelerated decline in online business, the abnormally high SBC which exceeds FCF and the 2nd consecutive reduction in FY’23 revenue guidance, far outweigh the double-digit growth observed in Enterprise.

As indicated on previous earnings reviews a lot depends on the future performance of ‘new’ products (Zoom Phone, Zoom contact center, Zoom IQ etc.) relative to the investments undertaken, the continued growth of Enterprise and the stabilization of Online business.

Disclaimer: The content of our newsletter is not a trading or investment advice and we do not provide any personal investment advice tailored to the needs of any recipient. The information provided should not be considered as a specific advice on the merits of any investment decision. This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we might get a commission if you decide to sign-up using any of these links. No extra cost is charged to you. Full disclaimer
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That's rich
Hermès, a French luxury goods maker, has incredible profit margins that seem only to go up. $HESAF
post media
It's amazing that they're able to hike prices faster than the cost of hiring craftspeople to make their luxury goods. Let's hope that they can maintain the prestige of Birkin.
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$CRM with decent earnings
Salesforce returned $1.7 billion in repurchases. Share count is now down 1 million y/y to 1000 million shares. Generally we can see cost cutting and discipline. Non Gaap operating margin ATH at 22.7% and GAAP also rising with 5.9%. I like it, looking forward to the call.
I'm noticing that despite the market performance, the business as a whole has been enduring a "flywheel effect" with every new acquisition they do. Do you see something similar on Salesforce's business fundamentals?
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Core Holdings for My Daughter's Portfolio in 2023
Much like my portfolio and its core 34 holdings, I've prioritized seven stocks to pick from when adding new money each week to my daughter's portfolio in 2023.

Here's the list and why each one was chosen:

  • $CASY - hands down her favorite stock -- she loves Casey's pepperoni pizza and sees the stores everywhere in the Midwest.
  • $CMG - Close behind her love of Casey's is Chipotle. Not much to discuss here, and an excellent, simple stock for her to visit and understand.
  • $KO - Despite how annoying she probably thinks I am about how often she is denied a Coke, she loves the stuff, and it is also an easy stock idea to grasp. I like the stability and dividend.
  • $IDXX - Easy pick for a girl who loves dogs and animals in general. I'm a massive fan of their ROIC and couldn't add them to my core holdings for 2023, so IDEXX Labs was an excellent way to get them added in some form.
  • $POOL - Once again, I love the ROIC; she loves what they help create and maintain. This will be the only overlapped position between our core holdings in 2023.
  • $UNP - Another reasonably easy business concept to understand, and I like adding another dividend to the portfolio.
  • $BOC - I'll admit, this is more of my pick here, but it is HQ'd near her hometown (like Union Pacific), and its billboards are a simple enough business idea to understand.

I'd be curious to know, if you pick stocks for a custodial account, or were given some growing up, what are/were they?
Which one of her favorites is your preferred investment in this group?
15 VotesPoll ends on: 12/3/2022
Everything was coiled like an elastic band. From one extreme to another.

Printing>Inflation>quickest increase in rates

Now what: recession>quickest decrease> what's next?

People use many past analogues of which little bits may be relevant, but this is truly unprecedented.
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Just out of curiosity
What's your native language?
20 VotesPoll ends on: 12/7/2022
This is a great poll. So far I'm surprised that English isn't even higher. Looking forward to seeing more votes :)
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