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The one thing I hope (to people who are investing right now) that they do not get discouraged with current market conditions and just quit and get the bad experience that they might later on put on the future generations.

Give it time, get detached from the market noise & just either a) invest in ETFs (set it & forget it) or b) invest in good well managed companies w/ positive cash flows

& keep learning via books & audio/video from credited sources like Warren Buffett or Peter Lynch or Phil Town
This is so important. Many people who sold the 09 bottom never bought back in and were discouraged from markets. Learn during these times. Everything is an opportunity if you make it
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Sept Idea Competition
And as discussed, I would be starting a position in $TREX. And I’ll be building this up over the next 6 months or so
Love the conviction, Ben! Lots of buzz around Trex lately... I can see that @gordonsgecko and @capisce_capital also recently started and have added to positions in $TREX. And a handful of others on Commonstock have recently added to existing positions.

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Texas Instruments Investments
I've been writing an article on Texas Instruments and going into transcripts and reports, found out the company is going to be heavily investing in CapEx. This is not what surprised me but management's commentaries on their factories did.

Read through the images and you'll get why.
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Ally Financial: A Share Cannibal with a growing deposit base
Today we released an interview with Jacob Franklin -- individual investor who writes at Seeking Alpha -- on why he likes the stock Ally Financial right now $ALLY

The company is trading at a dirt cheap price and has been a major share cannibal and heavy dividend payer. Here are some topics we covered on the interview:

  • Exposure to automotive lending
  • Thoughts on getting back to long-term deposit growth
  • Advantages of being a neo bank with an actual bank charter
  • Buybacks + dividends

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When you think you've discovered a new strategy
But it turns out to be a really old one - in my case, the 130/30 long-short portfolio.

For those of you more curious about it, here's a PDF summary that does it justice: https://meketa.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/130-30-FINAL.pdf
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Interesting! I had never heard of 130/130 but am familiar with the concept of a long-short portfolio. Looking through the PDF you shared... is 130/130 mainly for institutional investors or those managing big funds? Or do retail investors use this strategy too?
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Research on ASML
ASML has intrigued me for some months now and I decided to dive into the company and share the research done. I go over:
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Overview
  • Industry
  • Thesis
  • Management
  • Moat
  • Financial State
  • Risks
If interested in the company, here the article

Great post! I have been invested in ASML for a while and the technological moat is second to none. Like you mentioned in the article, my biggest issues with the company is lack of skin in the game and management capital allocation. A dollar cost average strategy for buybacks is never a good idea in my opinion, just increase the dividend instead if you don't want to be opportunistic.
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I need a dollar, dollar a dollar is what I need
The dollar is strong, but its relative strength isn't new. Set against a broad basket of international currencies, Washington's have increased in value for the past decade.

While a higher dollar raises the immediate local cost of imports for non-Americans, the economic effects are short-lived and muted. Lawmakers and bosses will trot the dollar-is-up excuse around the show ring, but investors and voters won't buy it for long.
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What % of your income is invested monthly?
I am a strong believer in personal finances being the bedrock to successful investing. Nobody wants to be a forced seller, and I tend to go by “spend whats left after saving”.
What % of your monthly income is saved/invested?
24 VotesPoll ends on: 10/01/22
Now that I’m in law school it’s about 50 percent still but when I was working full time in the summer it was closer to 70 percent. Big boy numbers lol
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Sold BYND $14.50 Puts
09/30/22 Exp, Opening
Can't afford real meat
Seeing all the people post about only being able to afford ramen - going long on $BYND #NoMeat
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Is $MU a Buy?
Micron had another poor quarter due to a weaker demand than expected for their memory chips. Reading about Micron's poor performance makes you think why would you want to invest in a company that is so dependent on the economic environment?

As a long-term investor (holding stocks for as long as possible), it doesn't make a lot of sense to invest in a company with a cyclical revenue stream. Micron can have an extremely good year when tablets and computers are in high demand, then a horrible year when everyone has bought their tables and the demand for a new product is severely diminished.

It doesn't mean you can't make money from investing in product/commodity-driven companies. In reality for these types of companies, you should be investing in them when demand for their product is weak, hoping to earn a return when the product eventually rebounds. When everyone is doom and gloom about Micron's prospects, it's probably the best time to buy Micron.

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V.F. Corp - Investor Day 2022
If you own $VFC or it's on your watchlist, don't forget to take a look at their last investor presentations. A lot of great pieces of info: new guidance and FY2027 target 🎯

I link it here
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Is Netflix Dead?
Just read this document on Netflix current standing in the market about how they have lost growth recently to other companies like Hulu and peacock. Also this speaks about how they lost licensing deals with major shows and how that has damaged what they can show. However I believe Netflix is in the fight for the long run. They have continued to create amazing content such has "Squid Games", " Monster : The Jeffery Dahmer Story", "Stranger Things" and many other original content to rival the competition. I am curious to see what Netflix will do to compete in the future. If I was at Netflix I would be extremely aggressive at getting developing countries to make sure they had internet access by opening data centers and only allow Netflix to be the streaming service on those servers owned by the company to fuel people using Netflix. Second part is I would partner with a tech company to allow those people the ability to purchase extremely cheap devices so that they can stream Netflix on those devices. Two ideas to continue the growth path to the 500 million subscribers Netflix wanted to reach in their past projections. GIVE ME YOUR IDEA IS NETFLIX DEAD OR WHAT CAN THEY DO TO STAY ALIVE? I wish the best to Netflix! https://www.cnbc.com/2022/09/28/netflix-is-losing-the-streaming-war-amid-disneys-rapid-growth-.html
I often see people saying Netflix had a moat but it has eroded. I disagree. They never had a moat. They had a great product, but no moat. And now I don't know how they're going to keep up with these other streaming providers who have diversified businesses and can support their streaming services running at a loss for the time being.

I think Netflix is on the long, slow decline downward. Dead is extreme, but wounded with no antiseptic may fit.
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Google improving its shopping experience 🛍
At its Search On event today, $GOOG announced a number of new shopping-related features that include visual shopping, personalization and buying with the help of trusted reviews.

IMO, Alphabet is feeling the heat from $AMZN. Amazon’s ad business is a big success which generated $8.76B in the second quarter alone, growing +18% from a year earlier. More and more people are using Amazon as their primary search engine for shopping, not Google.

Thus it isn’t surprising to me that Google is focusing more on improving the shopping experience at its search engine. Maybe even an acquisition of a shopping discovery site like $PINS would make sense in the future.

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Yes indeed. $GOOGL needs to keep the market share of the e-commerce vertical. it's far too important in the online world for them to lose it.
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Mortgage Affordability
Wow, this puts it into perspective. Mortgage affordability fell off a cliff almost 40%.

How bad will this affect home prices? It’s yet to be seen since this metric is a leading indicator of home prices.
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Can't imagine home prices not falling with Mortgage rates going throught the roof. Sellers need some time but after that price reductions should start to be seen very drastically IMO.
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For those wondering why my portfolio is concentrated around Big Tech and Software companies overall:

  1. I'm pretty young, therefore I can afford to risk quite a lot
  2. I think of my SW companies as an ETFs of its own. Most of them have multiple products and have use cases across multiple industries, whether that is IT, Healthcare, Industrials, ... Technology is the easiest way I can diversify IMO while staying within my circle of competence.

So, I simply let the best-of-breed companies diversify their business operations across industries, therefore fundamentally diversifying myself as an investor, so I don't have to worry about that. This was especially clear during the last ER season where many of those titans told us they had weaker cohorts in the Retail space for example, but let's say Financial Services more than made up for that weakness. This is exactly what I'm talking about. That's why I love SW!
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